Sunday, August 30, 2015

The last few post titles are all the same...

The  last few post titles are all about goals and failure.  ha!! 

Its been a while since I have posted anything and a while before that.  Everytime I post:
*its been a while since the last one
*I am starting again with weight loss
*I seem to think I failed again

Well, this one is not much different yet it is.  

I am DETERMINED to get this weight off.  I took some time off running and was playing tennis pretty heavily.  My tennis team made it to sectionals this summer.  We came up short in the finals.  Alll that tennis got in the way of training.  So, i am defering my Chicago marathon entry this year until 2016. I am focusing on my self and getting back in shape.  

I need this blog for accountability.  So, let's do this.

How?  Well, I am going to use My Fitness Pal and Lean Habits (by: Georgie Fear).  I have began running again (after a bout with allergies/sinuses).  

I am so competitive with myself and it seems if I can't get something right, I tend to not do it at all.  So, let's get this right.  If that's what it takes, then go all in.  I want to run another marathon but I want to be in good shape to train.  I aam looking at some halfs this fall because I need a goal.  

I am also working on another part of me...the decluttered self.  At work, I am all organized.  But, when I get home, disaster.  I want my household to be clean and freeing.  

Lots of work to do but I know I can do this.  

Today: I am planning out meals, getting things together to consign and cleaning off my dresser...