Monday, May 25, 2015

20 week countdown

Chicago here I come...again!
I am so excite to run Chicago Marathon for the 3rd time this October!  I was doubting I got in via lottery but I did!  There will be lots of celebrating for various reasons and I will get into that closer to time!
But for now, I plan on blogging my journey to Chicago.
I am going to run/walk this one and see what happens.  I found a plan by Jenny Hadfield that I olan on following and it started today!  Its a 20 week plan.  I also plan on "training" my weight.  I weighed today and am at my highest weight.  I wanted to use Hansons again but decided not too.  It was so intense and I loved it last summer but realized that after my marathon last October that I can only go so fast no matter how hard I trained due to my weight.  I am going to save my hard hard training for when I actually might see improvements when I weigh less.  I am going to put my weight loss efforts into "training" too.  Therefore, run/walk it is.  I hope to see faster times as I lose weight.  I also plan on putting hill repeats and some other strength training into it.  We shall see.
I wil put a link at top of page for my weigh ins.  I will weigh in on Monday and my goal is to not weigh everyday to keep my sanity.  I tend to go weigh in crazy if I weigh in more.
so, here we go!  Excited!!